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eating Pasta and Wine

Chef Roberto Castellanos

It is a picture of our chef and owner chef Roberto

Gio Cucina Napoletana first opened its doors under then “and still current owner and master chef Roberto Castellanos”.  It’s truly a family affair, as Roberto’s father and brother (both accomplished chefs in their own right) provide their cooking expertise to the restaurant’s devoted followers.

Gio Cucina Napoletana has a reputation for as one of the highest-quality, best-reviewed and most beloved Italian restaurants in the San Fernando Valley.  It’s one of those hidden gems that has a rapidly-growing, enthusiastic following among true lovers of Italian cuisine.

Refusing to take short cuts, the restaurant creates most of its pastas fresh in-house daily, along with bread, soup, sauces and desserts.  It has won many awards over the years for its magnificent Italian dishes.

Two very unique services are offered by Gio Cucina Napoletana for its San Fernando Valley customers.  The first, entitled “Gio Express”, offers ingredients to go, allowing customers to bring home freshly-packaged meal ingredients like pastas, breads and sauces that they can cook themselves.The second service goes hand-in-hand with Gio Express… offering a series of cooking classes for its customers.  ​

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